Trent Mitchell Photographer


I'd stare into my favourite crystals for hours when I was a kid. All kinds, shapes and colours. They had a vibrancy of light and colour that drew me in like nothing else. I’d lose sense of time observing their subtle changes in different light with every movement. I wanted to bottle up the beauty that danced in my hands. I’d take the crystals to school and share their magic with my friends to enjoy.

I wanted everyone to experience what I could see. 

Things haven't changed. I'm driven to inspire joy, freedom and adventure and in people through immersive and curious perspectives. I want to transport people into spaces that ignite the senses, and keep them there. 

My work is focused on active and oceanic lifestyles, people and places. I fuse energy and atmosphere into my work and they're the raw elements that spark my desire to chase dynamic concepts and imagery. With a background in art direction and publishing I'm completely engaged bringing creative briefs to life and articulating them with a discerning and authentic vision. 

On my favourite days you’ll find my tribe and I exploring the unseen nooks of Australia where the land meets the sea, camera in hand.



I feel grateful to work creatively with people, brands and natural wonders I love and respect including: 

Google, Red Bull International, Telstra, Balter Brewery, 2XU, Leica Australia, Summersite, Commonwealth Bank, Nikon Australia, Patagonia, Reef Oil, Renault, Rusty Womens, New Balance, Lulu Lemon Athletica, Surf Stitch, Bellroy, Moana Bikini, Rip Curl, Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski, Kellogg’s Australia, Freestyle Watches, Reef Shoes, Rhythm Garments and Urge Footwear.