Inner Atlas - pt.1

The most primitive form of wave riding known to man, bodysurfing is an individual ocean going sport. Athletes connect with the energy of the sea and perform shoreward rides both above and below the waves, often mimicking dolphins at play.

For decades the simplicity of bodysurfing has been overshadowed by spectacular high performance wave riding sports such as surfing. Often referred to as a lost art, the wave riding sub-culture of bodysurfing is realising a global resurgence. Enthusiasts are seeking a re-connection with nature through a unique and immersive experience like no other. 

Dancing the line between fear and joy while chasing the perfect wave, riders surrender themselves to the power of nature during each submersion. It’s these adrenaline seeking minimalists that lead the forefront of redefining what’s possible in the sea. I seek to capture the energy of their pioneering spirit from an unseen perspective.