I find discovering why we do things helps drive, motivate and focus what we do. As an artist, and i'm sure many out there can relate, I'm constantly questioning everything I make. I'm my worst critic and mortal enemy. Over the years I developed a perfectionist mind set and I feel it truely crippled my full potential as an artist for decades. Recently discovering why I do what I do helped me shed that burden of perfectionism to reach a new creative mindset that has set me free from the constrains and horrible pressure perfection puts on the process of making art. The concept of perfection is completely flawed, like many of man's ideals.

My why contains a lot of emotional drivers. I do what I do to cut through, I want to hit people in the heart, going beyond pretty pictures. I want to paint and flow, not document. Documenting isn't enough for me. I want to see how I feel. I want to become unbound from my physical into a space where emotion, colour and light speak to the heart. There's limitless freedom in this space and creativity is unbound by the horrible suffocation of ideal results.