Intuitive mind games

Ok. So here is a funny story. Not ha ha funny but one that brings you into the mindset I have occasionally. I love the play between intuition and the grind mind. This could be a longer story but I'll try to keep it short. This afternoon I told myself I was being drawn to swim back out to shoot more seascapes after returning to shore and calling it a day this evening. The light had faded to my favourite glow, I was shore bound and magnetically drawn to the water. Again. I had to go out for one more shot. The water picked up my heals and drew me into the line-up as I trod back to my car slowly in a meditative state along the shore line. The light teased me. I could sense a set approaching in 5 minutes or so. I re-entered the zone and swam out. I wasn't wrong. I found myself in position for my best shot of the day as my sensed set approached. It was black. Highlights shimmered in the negative glow, on the face of an oil like swell. I set my composition and the camera tried to do its part as it hunted for focus. My shot was before me, the one I'd be dreaming of this afternoon. No exposure captured this time. My camera failed me. A vision escaped me without a trace. The swell unloaded upon me, flipped me, twisted me and one fin separated from my foot. I struggled to surface and hunted for my fin as I recovered my orientation on the foamy surface. I was defeated in the dark of dusk. I'm not sure which part of my mind won this time. The intuitive one or the logical mind? What drew me in? My mind or my heart to go for that little more? That unknown? I'll explore this when I swim out tomorrow with one fin and see what happens in the heavy swell of the dawn.