"Shoot what you feel."

I love bringing a brief to life through photography. I highly value clients mutual trust and respect in this process. For me this type of creative relationship is a catalyst for flow on a shoot and it allows me tap into the brief on an intimate level.

I'm always looking for fresh perspectives to build from. I'm always on the hunt for that little point of difference audiences often overlook in their daily lives. Things that trigger emotion and evoke a true sense of authenticity.

Luke Scharkie, Design Manager of Surf Stitch feels this in my work. He asked me to capture the essence of summer over a 2 day TVC shoot around Sydney. "Just shoot what you feel," was the brief.

The open scope of a brief like this is highly challenging and one I really enjoyed creating intimate moments and feel good lifestyle images with. Here's my personal selection of Surf Stitches "Make Summer More Summer" '16 Digital and OOH campaign.