Balter Brewery

Not all of my work involves creating aspirational lifestyle imagery for brands I love in locations I day dream of. Photographing products that are quality driven with thoughtful design is a process I equally enjoy. 

I can't get enough of Balter Brewery's beer and their whole look. I just love it. When I got the call up to shoot their campaign product imagery my design/photography/beer brain spiked with excitement.

The brand direction for Balter Brewery is something the Australian Craft Beer Industry was yet to experience before Balter Brewery was born. I'm really humbled to be involved in a company that is forging their own path and doing an incredible job at it. The direction is clean and contemporary, simple and refreshing. Brand Director, Stirling Howland, has a minimalistic and witty approach to his work and it flows through everything the Brewery puts out into the world. They're killing it on all fronts. Most importantly, they're creating bloody good beer.

Check them out :

I love being a part of the brand campaign process, it gets me hooked on creating. I'm looking forward to similar work in the future.