I'd stare into my favourite crystals for hours when I was a kid. All kinds, shapes and colours. They had a vibrancy of light and colour that drew me in like nothing else. I’d lose sense of time observing their subtle changes in different light with every movement. I wanted to bottle up the beauty that danced in my hands. I’d take the crystals to school and share their magic with my friends to enjoy.

I wanted everyone to experience what I could see. To take a deeper look and discover the unseen. 

My purpose hasn't faltered since.

I'm always seeking art in the everyday and I'm driven to inspire imagination, joy and adventure through my work. I thrive working on visually dynamic concepts on location, bringing people closer to nature through emotive moments that move the audience. My vision is focused primarily on people, places, active and oceanic lifestyles. Influenced by conceptual and documentary work, an undercurrent to balance honesty with a sense of surrealism guides my lens and sharpens my eye.

I couldn't imagine life without feeling the sense of flow and utter thrill I get working in the moment. I revel in the creative process and love transcending this energy beyond my lens and into work that resinates. I never take my position for granted, I'm genuinely thankful I can help like-minded creatives by doing what I love everyday.


Assigned work

A formal background in art direction engages my creativity, while bringing ideas to life with an authentic and discerning vision. I feel humbled to work within talented and dynamic teams that bring out each others absolute best. Recent commissions from these brands and people include:  

Balter Brewery, 2XU, Leica Australia, Summersite, Google, Red Bull International, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Nikon Australia, Patagonia, Reef Oil, Renault, Rusty Womens, New Balance, Lulu Lemon Athletica, Surf Stitch, Bellroy, Moana Bikini, Rip Curl, Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski, Kellogg’s Australia, Freestyle Watches, Reef Shoes, Rhythm Garments and Urge Footwear.



Portrait © Robert Sherwood